Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Now for those who don’t know the story Tryweryn was a village in North Wales that was flooded in order to create a reservoir and provide water for Liverpool and the Wirral. It became a catalyst for the Welsh nationalist movement and a symbol of Wales being used and abused to accommodate England.

I chatted yesterday about the recent vote of the Green Party members in Wales so that it would stay as the Green Party of England and Wales unlike the Scottish and Northern Irish versions. I mentioned that if it wasn’t for the fact that most of their members were probably vegetarians it would appear to be a case of turkeys voting for Christmas.

So we come to the question why did they do it? Why did they forgo the chance of being independent from England? And will it bite them in their ecologically enhanced backside?

Time then to go all hypothetical.

Let’s ask ourselves the question then what would happen if another village in Wales “would need” to be destroyed in order to satisfy the needs of [insert English town/city] here. How would the Green party act? After all we have already discussed in this blog the British trade union movement appears happy to supply London with water from Wales without any apparent consideration of the Welsh position.

So how would the Green party react if a Welsh village was to be destroyed to create a reservoir for an English town/city? Well probably taken as a whole they’d agree. They probably wouldn’t like it. They would probably cry tears into their vegetable lasagne. But they would probably accept it. Why? Because of the consequences to the English town/city of doing nothing.

The Green party in Wales would be against it. But it wouldn’t matter. Because it’s the Green Party of England and Wales and so they would be outvoted. And therefore the Green party members in Wales would be the second group of people to realise too late the consequences of a mistaken vote in a referendum.

With this vote only Plaid Cymru therefore is the party truly independent of England. Even the Green party has surrendered it’s independence. If I was Leanne Wood I’d probably try to cannibalise as much of the Green Party’s manifesto as possible and then try to appeal to their voters rather than the wet lettuce surrender of the current green option.

For remember Tryweryn could happen here again if there is no opposition.

Until the next time.