Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well at 4:24am on a Saturday morning on what is unquestionably a freaky heatwave here in Wales. What’s interesting about it now is certain type of behaviour it induces.

For example I’ve explained before how the Welsh people are when it comes to the weather an optimistic race and would not be afraid to wear shorts and sunglasses at the slightest hint of sunlight. Here however there’s no optimism about it. You have to wear “summer” clothes for comfort. The idiots are those who for example would wear jeans and long sleeve shirts…..two thumbs pointed at this guy.

Another bit of rare etiquette that people living here in Wales have had to deal with are those returning from foreign climes on holiday who went for the hot weather! Sure the weather might have been a few degrees hotter taken as a whole but unless they come back looking as if they’ve been on the highest setting in a toaster there is the feeling that they’ve wasted their money.

What you have to do. Therefore is not to mention the Welsh weather unless they mention it. The hot elephant in the room.

Am listening to Seattle based Classical King FM at the moment. Of course it being the evening there means that it’s not “through the night” music.

4:48am: Dawn is beginning to break. As are those squawking seagulls.

Of course President Trump is in Britain. He says that he’s popular in the UK. Well in a way he is. The sort of villain that you love to hate. After all when was the last time Trump did anything quietly with good grace.

I’ll say something else I’ve no idea as to whether he’s guilty of any crimes. But he certainly walks like a gangster.

And you know what a lot of people are feeling about Theresa May at the moment? Pity. And when people feel that about a Prime Minister then she really has to go.

6:22am Time for breakfast. Have run out of croissants (first world problems) and don’t fancy cereal. Have decided to go for bread and jam. That’s right I’m ten.

6:46am. Feeling a bit sleepy now. Time for a short nap. Have work today and I need to go and get my hair cut. In the early morning my hair looks like large silver spiders are fighting.

Until the next time.