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I’m listing to the BBC which weeks before the local government elections had almost daily accusations of Anti-Semitism in Labour dor news that of the fact that  Conservative MP Michael Fabricant has been accused of Islamophobia and racism after he tweeted a photoshopped picture of a balloon version of London mayor Sadiq Khan having sex with a balloon pig over the Houses of Parliament as Donald Trump laughs. Business Insider  UK report that whilst

the US president is visiting Britain this week, and has is being met with widespread protests — including agiant protest balloon near Parliament depicting him as an orange baby clutching a smartphone. Khan, who has a long-running spat with Trump, granted the balloon’s creators permission to fly it, despite the objections of some Trump supporters.
Fabricant’s tweet, sent Thursday night, had a caption on the image: “BREAKING NEWS: TRUMP DEFEATS SADIQ KHAN IN BALLOON WARS,” and the MP added the note: “Well, what can I say.”

 I apologise to anyone for  republishing this appalling Islamophobic and racial slur but its important that it is shown,
 michael fabricant tweet khan

Sadiq Khan is Muslim, and the tweet prompted immediate accusations of Islamophobia. Azfal Khan MP, Labour’s shadow immigration minister, called for Fabricant to be suspended from the Conservative Party. 

“The Tories have ignored countless calls for an inquiry into Islamophobia in their party from their own members, the former chair of their party and the Muslim Council of Britain,” he said in a statement. “Clearly there’s a problem, and if Brandon Lewis’s respect pledge meant anything, Michael Fabricant would be suspended immediately.”

Labour MP Stephen Doughty tweeted: “This is disgusting, racist stuff @Mike_Fabricant – you should be ashamed of yourself.”As  AAV points out

Now that the local elections have passed, the raging orchestrated Labour anti-Semitism bonfire has died down to embers, with few people ever having realised that anti-Semitism is actually way more prevalent in the ranks of the Tory party.

The reason people don’t realise is that proof of rampant bigotry within the Tory party is rarely reported because it simply doesn’t align with the mainstream media “groupthink” objective of undermining Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour opposition at every opportunity.

Of course there are pockets of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party (any organisation with 500,000+ members is always going to have difficulty rooting out every single person with bigoted views), and of course the Labour Party is correct to have set up robust procedures for dealing with bigots, but when the the ruling party is evidently over-run with bigots, it seems like an odd thing for the media to fixate upon.

Take the repeated calls for an investigation into rampant anti-Muslim hatred within the Tory party from Muslim groups like the Muslim Council of Britain and Muslim Tory MPs like Sayeeda Warsi.

These calls haven’t just been ignored by the Tory party, they’ve been openly publicly ridiculed by Tory MPs!

And now consider the vile pro-Trump Tweet in the article header from the Tory MP Michael Fabricant that depicts the Muslim Mayor of London being fucked by a pig.

The fact that Fabricant thought this image was so hilarious that he actually shared it on Twitter is indicative of the extreme-right anti-Muslim bigotry that is absolutely commonplace within the Tory ranks.

This should be part of the main news  but it is being ignored .

Why is Anti-Semitism amongst Labour members worthy of constant coverage , when a disgusting Islamophobic tweet by a Tory MP which is far worse than any the alleged Anti-Semitic ones attributed to Labour not?