Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Although I’ve been a member of Plaid Cymru for about two years I cannot say other than paying my subs I’ve been active. Various reasons combine for this. Moving house. looking for a permanent house, work  and for the first few months of this year being in Essex exile as I was looking after my unwell mother were the main ones..

But I know I have to do more on this. And when I heard that Plaid Cymru leader was holding a public meeting in Church Village in the South Wales Valleys on an evening when both the wife and daughter were out and I wasn’t working well it seemed a good enough start.

It was held in Centre For Lifelong learning. I couldn’t take a picture of this relatively modern building as car regs were always in view. So let’s instead look at the view on the other side.

And you wonder why I like the Valleys

The meeting was held in a small room in the complex and I guesstimate there was around thirty people there. Given that we’re talking about a warm Thursday in July that was impressive. Ms Wood travels the length of the country for Plaid. She is a leader who clearly knows her responsibilities.

She didn’t give a speech as such. What she did was to answer questions from the floor. She revealed her plan is to follow the Alex Salmond model with regard to independence. and given that nearly succeeded you cannot really question that.

She also implored members to get more fully involved with their local community (for which I intend to do more) as her key target is the next National Assembly and local government elections in 2021. Explaining that it was one of the reasons for their success in the Rhondda.

Regular readers know that I’m a supporter of Ms Wood and will vote for her in the forthcoming . Nothing that happened yesterday evening changed that.

She Speaks and you listen

Ms Wood also mentioned about the Welsh Labour Government’s Plans for a hard Brexit…….there aren’t any. More about that on my next post.

At the end a group picture was taken and yes I’m there in it. Sorry about that folks.

It was an interesting evening and something I plan to do more in the weeks and months ahead.

Until the next time.