Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I have mentioned in this blog before of a scenario due to Brexit that the situation becomes so bad people in Scotland and yes Wales too move to independence. I won’t repeat it in detail here as I don’t want to bore you. But this morning brought into focus another different reason why Brexit, or rather it’s consequences might bring Independence closer than people think.

Any person from Scotland will have a greater idea about the independence referendum than I do. But I suspect that one of the reasons why the Unionists narrowly won was that enough people felt that to pull out of the United Kingdom would be leap into the dark. So better the devil you know.

However what we have seen now is that on Brexit it’s the devil that doesn’t know what to do. We have a situation where some sort of cobbled together tied up on the flimsiest of string deal on what we should do (without knowing what the EU response would be) was made between the cabinet on Friday and come this morning Brexit Secretary, the man who was supposed to be negotiating all of this (though apparently using the weapons of a white stick and a Labrador) resigns.

On breakfast TV and radio seemingly stormtrooper loads of Conservative MPs lined up to praise Davis and attack Theresa May. Her position as head of anything let alone Prime Minister must be questioned now.

Better the devil you know.

The Devil is supposed to thrive on chaos. But clearly under the shadow of Brexit this is not happening. The Devil is supposed to be strong and yet every day the government is undermined by people within it’s own ranks. What is happening is that the government seems to be constantly buffeted by fundamentalist unionism.

David Davis’ resignation seems to have brought it to a head.

And so back to independence for Scotland and Wales. In these times where politics seem to dominated by the insane. If the Devil does not know what to do then surely independence is not the scary option it was portrayed as at the time of Scottish referendum. Indeed you could argue that it could provide strong and stable government for these nations (irony city indeed).

So for bringing Tory civil war to a head nationalists in Scotland and Wales should thank David Davis. The Unionist that might have just helped destroy the union.

Until the next time.