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P T Barnum’s American Museum was so popular that people would spend the entire day there. This cut into profits, as the museum would be too full to squeeze another person in. In classic Barnum style, old P.T. put up signs that said “This Way to the Egress.” Many customers followed the signs, not realizing that Egress was a fancy word for “Exit.” They kept on looking for this strange new attraction, the “Egress”. Many patrons followed the signs right out the door! Once they had exited the building, the door would lock behind them, and if they wanted to get back in, they had to pay another admission charge!

In a joint statement, Mr Drakeford and Scotland’s Constitution Secretary Mike Russell said they had not been allowed to see a draft copy of the document “so it will be impossible for us to make the sort of considered contribution, based on evidence, which we think is essential”.
They called it a “clear breach” of a commitment to “try to seek agreement on the negotiation position of the UK government”.After the meeting, Mr Drakeford said: 

We have had sight of some small extracts from some chapters of the white paper.
“It is impossible for us to provide the UK government with a considered response in which we are able to inform the position they are taking without having seen the text at all.”

Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington, who chaired the joint ministerial council meeting, said the UK government wanted to “engage constructively” with the devolved administrations.
He said: 

“It is important that the UK government sits down regularly with the devolved administrations to discuss our preparations for leaving the EU.

“We are determined to get the best possible Brexit deal for all parts of the UK.”

Some might argue that  unlike his SNP colleague Mr Drakeford has no cause for compliaintPlaid Cymru’s Brexit spokesperson Hywel Williams MP said: 

“It’s taken a full six weeks for Mark Drakeford to realise how foolish and irresponsible his Labour government was to cave in to the Tories on their power grab of returning European powers. Now he moans about a ‘clear breach’ of the agreement.
“We warned Labour at the time that they were ludicrously naive to trust the Westminster Tories and that handing over Wales’ powers and leverage in Brexit negotiations was a grave mistake which they would soon regret.”

But its all of us that are being taken for a ride

Like  P T Barnum’s customers following the “To the Egress sign” people have followed Brexit signs believing they are going to see something wonderful. Only to find themselves out in the cold and the door slammed after them.