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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Odd things running a blog. I actually had some posts in mind today. Like how I can actually watch three World Cup matches in peace because wife is off with other girlfriends to see Ed Sheeran in concert in Cardiff (Thankyou Mr Ed).  Or how I intend like my stopping of fast food to gradually reduce my consumption of my true drug crisps thus hopefully finally dealing with my wide waistline once and for all.

And yes I’ll be writing about both of them eventually (I know you can’t wait). But this morning as it occasionally does Twitter derails me. One of my followers included an article by Fidelma Cook from the Scottish Herald Newspaper which was entitled “Brexit Will Mean England Will Stand Alone. Ireland Will Be United and Scotland will be a nation again”

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Let me be clear here. The article is worth reading. It’s vision of the future you really cannot argue with the way things seem to be going. But in it’s vision of how the United Kingdom will pan out post Brexit there is one part that’s absent….Wales.

Now I don’t think this is deliberate on Ms Cook’s part. If I’m right I reckon she subconsciously put Wales within England in a post-Brexit scenario. And why not? Wales as a whole voted for Brexit, the Welsh Labour devolved administration meekly surrendered some of it’s powers for seven years (and let’s remind ourselves here that they meekly surrendered to the weakest of Conservative administrations) and the UK government seem to wish Wales to be part of a Greater England.

Still, as I’ve written in the past, I believe that Irish reunification and/or Scottish independence can be catalysts to lead Wales to independence as well (though obviously on a longer timescale). And indeed if Brexit is not the Land of milk and honey it’s proponents would have us believe then more people in Wales will ask what are the benefits of staying within the Union with England?

But the warning for those of us who believe in Welsh independence is clear. Following England could mean a gradual withering of the collective memory of Wales other than sport (and even then I would refer you to my post on cricket). Wales will consequently be forgotten as an entity by those around it.

Consciously or not. this article might be a shape of things to come.

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