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Plans to move MPs and peers out of parliament for six years of repairs to the Palace of Westminster has been estimated in costing between  £4bn-£7bn.

Before a single penny is spent  then MPs should insist on reforming Westminster  Archaic procedures

Here’s the SNP Mhari Black on how some of the procedure worked

Ironically Ms Black could find her self being  involved in similar tactics in the future as the SNP has warned of a “complete breakdownâ€� in relations between Edinburgh and London as their leader at Westminster launched a campaign of parliamentary guerrilla tactics to cause maximum disruption to Theresa May’s government.

Outside the Commons  after being expelled this week  from the and surrounded by more than a dozen of the MPs  who walked out with him.

SNP parliamentary leader  Ian Blackford said: 

“This is the beginning of something, not the end … They’re taking us on, so they’re going to find we are taking them on. We’ll use every measure at our disposal.
“This isn’t a stunt, this is about the harsh reality of the British government acting against the interests of the Scottish people and the Scottish government. It’s new territory, this can’t be business as usual.
“It is a complete breakdown in relations because there’s disrespect which has been shown to the Scottish parliament by the Conservatives. They need to understand that there is a change in the relationship as a consequence.�

His threat to cause trouble on a “day-by-day, week-by-week� basis raises the prospect of the SNP, the third biggest party in the Commons, obstructing votes, delaying debates and raising as many obstacles to the passage of legislation as its 35 MPs can muster.

Whether you approve or disapprove   of such tactics the Tory Government invoking its power grab from the devolved legislatures   after only 15 minutes of debate in which notn, one Scottish MP took part was an insult to democracy .

Those Parties who claim to be progressive should call for not a penny to be spent on the Westminster building before procedures are reformed.

One start would be electronic voting which could end at a stroke the ridiculous
 situation described by Mhari Black.