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Two Welsh Government ministers have today called for a second Brexit referendum – in contradiction to official policy.

The signatories include Labour’s local government secretary, Alun Davies, as well as the only Liberal Democrat in the National Assembly, education secretary, Kirsty Williams.

A group of mainly Labour MPs, AMs and council leaders have signed the letter. However, Stephen Kinnock did not back the letter, saying that arguing to reverse Brexit would forfeit his right to have a voice in shaping it.

Commenting, Welsh Conservative leader, Andrew RT Davies described the situation as ‘chaos’ and questioned ‘how long the First Minister can continue in post with Ministers publicly advocating against the positions he’s set as leader.’

He added:

“As soon as the First Minister announced his departure, any authority he had left immediately drained away.

“There is now complete chaos at the heart of Welsh Government with a cabinet which flagrantly disregards the principle of collective responsibility.

“Cabinet secretaries are entitled to their views but we have a situation in Wales where ministers are freewheeling and publicly advocating positions which are against official Welsh Government policy.

“Jeremy Corbyn sacked Owen Smith for far less – and there are now serious questions over Carwyn Jones’ ability to lead his party and his government as we enter a key period in the Brexit negotiations.

“Wales has no coherent voice in government and all eyes will now turn to the First Minister to see what action he is willing, or is able to take.”