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When I find myself chatting about independence for Wales on Twitter I get different reactions. Some of the main ones is that the Welsh don’t want it or why does organisations like Plaid Cymru or Yes Cymru seek a goal without planning the consequences through.
What these people don’t seem to realise is that all political parties and movements have goals which may not be popular in it’s creation. These goals may lack line by line detail. That does not matter. A political party/movement is created to change the mind of the people and show people that there is another way.
I have written before that there will come a time when the Welsh non-Tory voter will seek a different political party to the rule of arrogant incompetence provided by Welsh Labour at national and local level. These people will look at Plaid Cymru for their vote. It happened in Scotland and it could happen here.
And let’s like we always have to do here look at Scotland. When they got elected as a minority administration in the Scottish government the SNP didn’t say “Right folks let’s have a referendum”. No for the lifetime of their first term they let certain people within their party plan independence for Scotland whilst they showed the nation that they could govern. That Scots could have confidence in them running the country. They may have lost the subsequent referendum for independence (because of Westminster lies but let’s not dwell on that here) but the point remains that it was the closest in my lifetime that any of the four home nations got to obtaining it. There is no reason why Plaid Cymru should not follow the same approach, which whilst ultimately unsuccessful was close.
People in Scotland might be for or against independence. But the point is that since the SNP obtained power no one considers it impossible
We also need again to consider the consequences of Brexit. If it creates further economic austerity for Britain then that would be the final push for Scottish independence. Indeed there is a possibility that it would cause the reunification of Ireland. People living in Wales would look at this and say “why not us?”
And so planning for independence is important. But there could be a scenario where the best option (through a referendum) is just to leave rule from Westminster with the barest structure in place. That would be if the situation in the UK was so bad that a messy divorce was preferable to staying in the union. If the Remain side’s post Brexit scenario proves correct that just might happen.
So Plaid Cymru needs to be ready. Events might soon prove momentous.
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