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So the sheep of Wales sit idly by as the Red Wolves dressed as sheep, (you know the ones, the ones you can paint red and stand for election and still get voted in, especially in the Valleys) do the complete opposite the electorate voted for them to do.

Which is of course vote with the Tories, Lib Dems and worst of all UKIP to had back all number of powers Wales currently has autonomy over, back to the big elite Tory Wolves of Westminster.

All these patriotic Welsh sheep who you hear bleating their supposed Welsh pride at sports events or even the Eisteddfod, saying Wales is the greatest nation in the World, blah, blah, blah… well sorry to point this out to all you patriotic souls but Wales is not a nation, it has no sovereignty, either in territory, legislature or constitution. Wales BELONGS to England, it is England who own the green, green, grass of home all our little sheep wax lyrical about.

The harsh reality no one in Wales wants to accept is that Wales BELONGS to England in the same way Catalonia BELONGS to Spain. We cannot change anything or do anything, especially now we have handed back even more control to or imperial masters, without the permission and seal of approval of Westminster.

Consider for one minute the amount of times you have heard people complaining about the under funding of Wales and the poverty and lack of jobs and weigh that against the failure of these people to even be able to muster putting 2 and 2 together this weekend when they watch gleefully on, waving their imperial masters regalia and celebrating the fact that millions of pounds of taxpayers money is being spent on a Wedding where the family involved is one of the wealthiest families on the planet, but only manages to offer to pay for the food for their guests! They must wistfully laugh at how all the turkeys keep voting for Christmas and continue to celebrate them and thank them for cooking them!

The reality is Wales is not a nation but a region of England filled with very obedient sheep who are thankful for the wolves that rule them. So if you are one of these sheep, maybe you should stop calling yourself Welsh, certainly stop supporting Welsh NATIONAL sports teams or entities, after all isn’t that what WELSH NATIONALISTS do? You know, support NATIONALISTIC representations of ourselves?

You can’t have it both ways, either you are Welsh and support the notion of Wales as a sovereign nation or you are not. If you are not you are BRITISH which is just a political synonym for English where Wales is a region of England. Make up your mind.