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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well I’m on the final stage of going through the medium meal menus of McDonald’s before I stop eating fast food anymore. No more burgers though this time it’s a wrap.


I remember when McDonald’s introduced these wraps as a response to Morgan Spurlock’s film about them Supersize Me. As if they were saying “We can produce healthy food as well”. Like they’re now saying “We can produce coffee like Starbucks” (In fact they can’t).

You can see from this that the wrap was, well, not really wrapped properly. Looking at it it just seemed to be an undercover chicken burger. The Peri Peri sauce inside was just unimpressive.

It was, well, rubbish.

I had thought I’d got three meals left to do. But then I saw two of them were exactly the same as this and just the sauce was different. Only one meal really then to go where bacon is added to the chicken.

Then it’s literally a wrap in every meaning.

Until the next time.