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Neil McEvoy; Brave activist of the people or trouble-maker?

When all else fails, try again. That is not a mantra that can be given to Wales or Welsh people in general is it? We seem to adhere to the mantra, ‘When all else fails, accept your fate’.

There is however one person, who from the outside looking in seems to want to shake things up a bit… Neil ‘Marmite’ McEvoy. We say Marmite for the obvious comparison that some people seem to love him while others loathe him in equal measure. It seems Leanne Wood and Plaid Cymru’s top brass seem to be in the loathe category, you know, since they suspended him and everything.

The difficulty in this scenario seems to be actually finding the truth. We have spoken to people on both sides of the spectrum and the picture is much less black and white and instead a very weird shade of grey.

Clearly Mr McEvoy is no innocent bystander. He knows what he is doing, and it isn’t necessarily right or wrong.

But is he the Wolf? He certainly isn’t a sheep, and it’s clear that’s what his many followers and supporters like about him.

We think he perhaps should be more looked at as the angry, gnarled Sheepdog. Willing to attack the wolves of Cardiff Bay and beyond while trying to get the sheep (People of Wales) to go in the path he wants and thinks is best. He isn’t going to defer from that mission. He knows he will have to bark at some, growl at others and then bite a select few, and is willing enough to do so.

The problem from the Plaid top brass seems to be they can’t control their own dog. With the servant biting its master more than once. So they have cut the dog loose rather than harness its force of will, control and influence on the sheep and it’s attack instinct of the going after the wolves. It’s loyalty now belonging only to itself and its small but ever-growing flock.

Should Plaid, and more specifically Leanne Wood be a stronger master? Or should the dog be a more obedient servant for the cause? Or is the dog just too wild?

The reality is Neil McEvoy understands something that his previous colleagues in Plaid don’t. You don’t have to be nice and polite to get the job done, especially if you want to go from being the prey to the predator.

Predators do things prey won’t… they attack and consume. To the outside world, Plaid look like the prey, and McEvoy has decided to be the predator. It might not be nice for everyone but you have to take notice, as sheep respond to strength and direction, not quiet murmurs. Colonial Labour and the Colonial Tories, dressed as sheep, have been preying on Wales for long enough. It’s time for change, and change might just have a nasty bite.


“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheeps clothing, inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

Matthew 7:15