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Month: November 2017

Wales: Corruption and Poverty

I apologise for this post being a bit long, over 3,000 words; but it’s in four separate and distinct parts, plus a Conclusion. So you can enjoy it one topic at a time. ~~~ THE ‘BEDSIT BARON’ OF PEMBROKE DOCK Pembroke Dock is one of those towns that most people drive past or don’t visit. I suppose if Pembroke, a mile or two inland, had grown as some had hoped, then the Dock might have played Piraeus to Pembroke’s Athens, but fate decreed otherwise. Even so, Pembroke Dock does make the news, but usually for the wrong reasons. For...

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Map of community events

Christmas should be one of the happiest times of the year for everyone; yet for millions of people across the UK it can be the gloomiest. While most people are occupied amidst the festivities of the day with their families and friends, some people experience Christmas as one of the most loneliest times as businesses around the country shut their shops, leaving them with no place to go. For the fifth year running, Premier is inviting churches to add their Christmas Day events to a digital map to help people go to places where they can spend time with...

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Licensed ministers invited to ‘listening days’

From clergy to youth workers – all licensed minsters are being invited to share what makes them flourish and what they struggle with in a series of ‘listening days’ taking place across Wales. The series of 24 days at 12 different locations is being organized by St Padarn’s Institute, the training arm of the Church in Wales, in order to find out how it can best equip and resource those in ministry today. The invitation is for all licensed readers, pastors, pioneers, evangelists and children/youth workers, as well as all licensed clergy. They will take place in quiet venues to...

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Phil Parry, a reply

Following Phil Parry’s latest attack on me I asked for the right to reply, but he hasn’t responded. I’d prefer to ignore the irritating little git but he is now making serious and misleading allegations that have to be answered. Not only that, but his latest piece, on Tuesday, was – by my reckoning – the fifth he’s written about me in as many weeks. Normally this amount of attention might be flattering, but the fact that this odd little man is obsessed with me is mildly disconcerting. His latest contribution to the oeuvre of Welsh political blogging is Armed...

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