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Month: October 2017

Earning Potential: What Welsh Graduates Can Expect

In June 2017 the Longitudinal Education Outcome (LEO), the first full data set of earnings data from University courses across the UK, was published. The information matches HE data about graduates’ courses with earnings data from PAYE records at HMRC.  As such it provides a powerful comparator of the salaries students at different universities studying different courses can expect to achieve. Some analysis has been undertaken of the UK-level data – most notably by the WonkHE blog, but so far no specific attention has been accorded to the data for Welsh Universities. It is also timely given the focus...

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The Caravanserai of Ceredigion

THE DOGS BARK, BUT THE CARAVAN REMAINS STATIC! The original meaning of caravan was of course a camel train, found in Asia, the Middle East or North Africa, carrying people and goods, often over deserts. The word comes from the Persian kārwān. Sometime in the 19th century it began to be applied in Britain to the horse-drawn homes of Romanies. Today it means something towed along Welsh roads holding up traffic for mile after mile. The bigger ones, that never go anywhere except on the back of a low loader, are to be found now all over Wales, especially near our coasts, and it’s these I wish to deal with. A caravanserai was a stopping place for a caravan. It might be an inn, possibly an oasis. I suppose I’m being a little whimsical in likening caravan sites in Wales to overnight stops on the Silk Road, but there you are. ‘Are we there yet?’ Those who’ve been following this blog will know that I had a Twitter exchange recently with a Tom Scarrott, we disagreed over whether or not there should be a tourism tax. It should have ended there, but Scarrott chose to pursue matters by inviting himself and a few ‘colleagues’ to the meeting planned for the Belle Vue Royal Hotel on November 4th to discuss the formation of a new political party. Read about it...

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Catholic Cathedral hosts Protestant Reformation 500 service in Wales

Exactly 500 years after the start of the Protestant Reformation, people from Wales’ Christian churches and chapels will gather at a Roman Catholic cathedral to celebrate their unity. A national service of commemoration and commitment will be held on Tuesday (October 31) at Cardiff’s Metropolitan Cathedral of St David and will be led by the Archbishop of Cardiff with leaders of the churches which grew out of the Reformation, including the Archbishop of Wales. It marks the anniversary of the day Martin Luther, a German Augustian monk, nailed 95 theses to the door of All Saints Church in Wittenberg, Saxony,...

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Bil Ombwdsmon Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus (Cymru) / Public Services Ombudsman (Wales) Bill

Fel Cadeirydd y Pwyllgor Cyllid, roeddwn yn falch o osod y  Bil Ombwdsman Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus (Cymru)  a’r  Memorandwm Esboniadol cysylltiedig gerbron Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru yn ffurfiol ar 2 Hydref 2017. Dyma’r tro cyntaf i Bwyllgor gyflwyno Bil ers i’r Cynulliad ennill pwerau deddfu sylfaenol llawn. Mae’r Bil hwn yn adlewyrchu’r gwaith sylweddol a wnaed dros nifer o flynyddoedd gan y Pwyllgor Cyllid yn ystod y Cynulliad hwn a’r Pedwerydd Cynulliad.    Mae rôl yr Ombwdsmon yn hollbwysig, sef sicrhau bod unrhyw un sy’n credu ei fod wedi dioddef anghyfiawnder oherwydd achos o gamweinyddu neu oherwydd iddynt gael gwasanaeth annigonol...

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New Party, Fresh Start 4, Back on Track

To find out how we’ve arrived at this point I suggest you read the previous posts in this sequence. I am delighted to announce that a meeting has been arranged for November 18th in Aberystwyth to discuss the formation of a new political party to defend Wales’ interests.  Refreshments will be available beforehand so I suggest that those attending arrive around mid-day and mingle before the meeting starts at 1pm. There will be translation facilities available and microphones for all speakers. We’ll take a break at 3pm for refreshments which will also allow people to stretch their legs or have a smoke. The meeting will conclude at 5pm Attendance is by invitation only, so if you wish to be there then contact in order that you can be added to the mailing list giving the venue.  ♦ end ♦...

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