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Month: June 2017

2020 Vision Sunday

From ministry areas to youth forums, new ways in which churches are reaching out to serve their communities will be celebrated next weekend. This year, Trinity Sunday (June 11) is being set aside as 2020 Vision Sunday to focus on the many changes underway to re-energise ministry ahead of the Church in Wales centenary in 2020. Special prayers and intercessions have been provided for congregations to use. (English and Welsh links below) 2020 Vision is the name of the Church’s strategy for growth. Some of the changes have been radical, such as the creation of “Ministry Areas”. This has involved the redrawing of traditional parish boundaries to make much larger areas which are served by a team of people, both lay and ordained. Ministry training has been overhauled and a new, all-Wales training institute set up, called St Padarn’s. Specialists are being trained to encourage young people, for example, and to serve those who have been marginalised or have no connection with the church. Stronger links with other Christian churches and faith groups are also being forged in joint projects, such as foodbanks, food with friends and holiday lunch clubs, to serve the wider communities. 2020 Vision Sunday comes ahead of a symposium on ministry areas at the end of June. People from each diocese who have been involved in setting up ministry areas, including all the bishops, are...

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End of the road for mobile dental clinic

A Church project to fund a mobile dental unit in Gaza is coming to an end. For the past 17 years, the Church in Wales has been the sole supporter of a mobile dental unit in Gaza, set up to deliver frontline medical aid around the bombed out streets of Gaza. The unit was run by the Near East Council of Churches as part of the work of its family health centres in Gaza. Now the work of the mobile dental unit has become part of the overall work of the health centres and so the fund is being...

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