Plaid Cymru believes the Conservative Government should give its backing to the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon to boost the economy of west Wales.

Mid and West AM Simon Thomas made the call for support for the tidal lagoon industry ahead of the publication of a report by former UK energy minister Charles Hendry in Westminster.

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Climate Change and Rural Affairs, Simon Thomas said:

“Wales needs and deserves a strong signal of support from the Conservative Government in Westminster for the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon. I wrote to the Chancellor last year to make the case for the lagoon.

“The fact that we await a report from Westminster shows how decisions are being made over the future of Welsh energy policy by people we did not elect.

“If the Wales Bill passes, Wales will have consenting powers over energy projects up to 350 megawatts.

“The logic behind the 350MW cut-off point is questionable – it would mean that the decision to give planning consent for Swansea Bay tidal lagoon would be made in Wales, whereas the decision over larger tidal lagoon projects in Cardiff, Newport and north Wales would be made in England. Even the Ffestiniog pumped storage scheme, a decision made back in the 1960s, would be retained at Westminster.

“Financial incentives over renewable energy and the future of the electricity and gas grids are decided in London. This is an unacceptable constraint on Wales by UK Government policy decisions.”

“Wales still has great advantages as we build a more sustainable, greener future.  The Party of Wales will work to ensure we benefit from next generation renewable developments, such as the Swansea Bay lagoon and other tidal schemes.”