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Month: January 2017

Action to cut litter in Wales

Plaid Cymru Mid and West AM Simon Thomas has proposed a new law to reduce the amount of waste we put in landfill. One of the measures to achieve the goal of a zero waste Wales by 2030 could be the introduction of plastic, glass and can deposit schemes. Environmental campaigners have urged the Labour government in Wales to introduce a 10p deposit on bottles, cans and cartons. Charity Friends of the Earth Cymru said it could help to reduce litter. Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Climate Change and Rural Affairs for the Party of Wales Simon Thomas said:...

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Ten Consolations on the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump

Ten Consolations on the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump Recent American history is a perfect statement of the advantages of hereditary constitutional monarchy. At any given moment during the last two decades, the man – always a man – supposedly representing the people of the United States, whether Republican or Democratic, has been viewed with open contempt, even hatred, by about half of them, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. Still the Federal Constitution mandates that someone must be that Head of State, and that it should be the man duly elected, certified before Congress, and sworn in according to law. That man is now President Donald J Trump …and no one else. So, with all due respect to his contribution to equal civil rights, Congressman John Lewis is wrong to deny the legitimacy of the Trump Presidency, just as the ‘birthers’ were wrong to deny the legitimacy of the Obama Presidency and the ‘not my President’ meme was wrong to deny the legitimacy of the Second Bush Presidency. As long as history endures, it must record that Mr Trump was the 45th President of the United States as Mr Obama was the 44th and Mr Bush the 43rd. If some still find it hard to accept that the words ‘President Trump’ are no longer just a joke on ‘The Simpsons,’ here are some random thoughts that...

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Wales not ready to care for older people with HIV, say Welsh Lib Dems

Wales not ready to care for older people with HIV, say Welsh Lib Dems The Welsh Government and its health & social care services need to be prepared to care for the ageing population of those living with HIV, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have said. The party is responding to the Terrence Higgins Trust’s Uncharted Territory report, which has captured the reality of what it means to be part of the first generation of people to grow old with HIV. The report, which is being released on Thursday, finds that those over 50 with HIV are twice as likely to be living in poverty than the general population, and three times as likely to experience moderate to high levels of loneliness. According to Public Health England, of the 168 people newly diagnosed with HIV in 2015 in Wales, 36 were aged 50 and over. In total there are 29,960 people aged 50 and over living with HIV in the UK – that’s 1 in 3 of all those with HIV. Cadan ap Tomos, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Equalities Spokesperson, said:“The fact that those diagnosed with HIV are living into their 50s and beyond is testament to just how far we’ve come with treatment for the disease. But an ageing HIV population brings with it its own challenges never experienced before, and I’m concerned that our health and social care...

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What next for trade post Brexit?

What next for trade post Brexit? The UK’s decision to leave the European Union will change its terms of trade with the other EU27. A Government amended Opposition motion was passed on 7 December 2016 agreeing that Article 50 will be triggered by 31 March 2017, and that the UK Government would publish a plan before doing so. The Prime Minister, on Tuesday,  gave us a glimpse of what she meant by ‘Brexit means Brexit’. It showed a move towards an ‘extreme’ Brexit in which our ties with the Single Market are severed.  This poses real concerns for trade...

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No action by Labour Government on plant that causes early deaths in Wales

Information obtained by Plaid Cymru shows that there has been no action has been taken by the Labour Government on a plant that causes early deaths in Wales. A Freedom of Information request reveals no communication between Welsh Ministers and Wales’ environmental regulator, Natural Resources Wales, following the European Court of Justice’s ruling in September last year that Aberthaw power station emits illegal levels of air pollution. The European Court of Justice ruled in favour of the European Commission and against the UK Government last September, finding that, contrary to the UK Government’s claims, the coal-burning power station was...

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