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Month: January 2016


Fracking is bad news for local communities and for the environment.


  1. Shale gas is terrible news for our climate. Fracking will create more climate-changing gases – and is not compatible with out climate change targets.

  2. Shale gas will keep us hooked on fossil fuels, and distract us from the real solutions of the future – energy efficiency and renewable energy.

  3. Your energy bills won’t go down – the UK Government and fracking companies have acknowledged that household energy bills won’t fall as a result of fracking.

  4. Job figures are hugely inflated. Using government reports we estimate that at its peak the industry will employ only about 240 people from Wales. And even these mainly low paid jobs will last just a few years. Concentrating on renewable energy and energy efficiency will bring many, many more jobs to Wales.

  5. There are uncertain and unacceptable local environmental risks, including water pollution, air pollution and lots of lorry movements.

  6. It’s massively unpopular. Local fracking moratoriums are already in operation in 6 authorities in Wales. Is yours one of them?


Join us!

Join us and together we can prevent fracking in Wales.

The Welsh Government have said they don’t want fracking in Wales, now we would like every Local Authority to declare themselves Frack-Free too. 


List of all petitions for local authorities in Wales:


Blaenau Gwent…









Monmouth – Moratorium Declared!

Swansea – Moratorium Declared! 

Cardigan – Moratorium Declared! 


Torfaen – Petition has been handed in 

Bridgend – Petition has been handed in 

Rhondda Cynon Taf – Petition has been handed in 

Newport – Petition has been handed in 

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Our call for the First Minister to implement a moratorium is part of a global campaign. 12 countries have already signed up – Wales could be the first country in Europe to take this crucial step.

You can help us persuade Carwyn Jones that Wales needs to join the global moratorium on coal by adding your signature to this petition.


Burning coal is the main reason why Britain has emitted more carbon dioxide (CO2) per head of population than any other country. Wales, with its long history of heavy industry, has contributed more than its fair share. Coal is the largest single cause of climate change. Half the carbon dioxide humans have ever emitted is from burning coal.

Aberthaw coal-burning power station in Barry, South Wales, is the single largest emitter of CO2 in the country. Its annual emissions in 2006 rose to over seven million tonnes, and could rise to eleven million tonnes as output is predicted to increase.

Despite all this, there are now calls to redevelop Wales’ coal industry to fuel a new generation of coal-fired power stations.


Coal in Wales

Currently, around 70 per cent of the coal burnt in the UK is imported. Replacing some of these imports with Welsh coal might provide a short-term boost to the coal industry – and save the carbon cost of transporting millions of tonnes from Russia and South Africa.

But we cannot have any more cases like Ffos-y-Frân. This opencast site near Merthyr has been allowed to go ahead just 35 metres from people’s homes, despite continued protests from residents and environment campaigners.

More Welsh coal could mean more Welsh landscapes hideously disfigured by opencast mines, and all the impact they can have on communities, people’s health and the environment.

That’s why we’re pushing for a moratorium on all new coal extraction in Wales.


Read our 2016 report on Aberthaw here:

PDF iconaberthaw-report-2016.pdf

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