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Month: March 2015

Why is identity important?

“We would like to invite our local community and other organisations to work together to facilitate a conversation with refugees, asylum seekers and the Welsh community about identity, in order to address local and global issues. Identity is an area that affects everyone both positively and negatively, and we believe there is a common ground regardless of background. What is seen as our identity is different to each person, and losing your identity and self-worth can be devastating and demoralising, for example due to forced migration caused by war and persecution. It is an issue faced especially by asylum...

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Ella & Jem Treays

National Theatre Wales in association with Theatr Iolo and Run Ragged  April 2015 sees the premier of the first full NTW production to grow out of our WalesLab programme for new theatre ideas: Transition. Jem is 50 next year. Ella is 11. They are father and daughter. Ella is ballet mad and has just started going en pointe. Jem is a professional, contemporary dancer and doesn’t approve. They have always danced together on the kitchen rug. In Transition, they explore their shifting relationship through dance, conversation and film. Shortlisted for the Best Dance Production award at the Wales Theatre...

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